Monday, January 18, 2016

Week of January 19th!

January – The Study of Balls!

For the next four weeks, students will learn about balls.  As we investigate this topic, we will work together to find the answers to our theme questions.  Some of the questions include: Do all balls bounce?, What makes balls move?, Who uses balls?, and What are balls made of?

Some of the books we will be reading this week are:
      Just like Josh Gibson by Angela Johnson
      The Little Red Hen by Bonnie Dobkin
      The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Bonnie Dobkin

Lessons and activities for the theme:

Math – Students will be able to sort and match different sizes and types of balls.
Art – Children will be able to draw balls or construct a sphere out of paper.
Blocks – Students will have balls of various sizes and be able to construct ramps to roll the balls.
Pretend Play – Students will have balls added to pretend play to 'play ball' with he dolls and each other. 
Writing- Students will be able to draw a picture of what they learned from the classroom read-aloud regarding balls.  
Science - Students will be able to construct ramps of different heights to see how fast a ball will roll.


      A link to the weekly lesson plan is now posted on the blog.
      There will be a Parent Workshop on Friday, January 22nd.
      School will be closed Friday, January 29th, for Teacher Workshop Day.
      February 9th, 2016 is our Valentine’s Day Show!  The show will take place in the gymnasium at 9 a.m.

Recommended Home to School Connection:

Universal Handwriting book:

Tuesday – Page 57
Wednesday – Page 58
Thursday – Page 59
Friday - Have a great weekend!

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