Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week of October 31st!

Theme for the month:
My Five Senses!

Enduring understandings that the student should have by the end of the unit:
      There are five senses. They are smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing.
      We use our senses to understand our bodies, learn what they need, and keep us safe.
      We use our senses to learn about the people, places, objects, and environment around us.
      We experience and interact with the world differently when our senses, such as vision or hearing, are impaired.

Lessons and activities for the week:

Blocks- Children are encouraged to use blocks that are covered with green and/or brown paper to make them look like tree parts. Students will be able to explore how they feel and look compared to the other blocks in the block area.
Pretend Play- The pretend play center will be transformed into an apple orchard.  Students are encouraged to consider where and how apples grow, why apple skins are different colors and why they are healthy to eat.
Art- Various leaves collected from a neighborhood walk will be added to our art center. Children will be invited to use finger paints and discuss how the paint feels. 
Science- A "Feely Box" will be added to the science center.  Students are invited to put their hands in the holes of the box and identify the object using only their sense of touch. 
Math- Materials of various textures will be added to the manipulative area.  
Library- Students are invited to look at our classroom books and discuss what they see with their peers.
Writing/Technology-  Weekly learning games on iPads are provided.  
Sensory- Sand and water, or play-doh.

Some of the books we will read this week are:

      Press Here by Herve Tullet
      My Five Senses by Aliki
      Building Shapes by Tracy Moncure

Recommended Home School Connection:

Monday- Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!
Tuesday – Math News Worksheet
Wednesday - Universal Handwriting Book pages 36 and 37
Thursday - Universal Handwriting Book pages 38 and 39
Friday – Have a Great Weekend!

Reminders / Notices:

      Please return parent questionnaires as soon as possible.
      Children are invited to wear their Halloween costume to school on Monday, October 31st!
      School will be closed on Friday, November 11th, for Veteran’s Day.


If there are any questions regarding the Pre-K for All program that can not be answered by the office or classroom teacher, please feel free to contact the

Help Line at 888-227-8175

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