Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week of September 28th!

Students will continue to learn about friendship, families, and what it means to be part of a group.  Some of the books we will be reading this week are:
Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto
The Gingerbread Man by Catherine McCafferty
Crazy Pizza Day by Bonnie Dobkin
Hooray, a Piñata! by Elisa Kleven

Neighborhood Song by Trish Holland

Lessons and Activities for the week:
Math – Students will play with gears, create gear boards and joins their creations with their classmate’s.
Blocks – Students will build body shapes of themselves and their friends.
Art – Children will create friends and family from play-doh.
Writing – Students will create cards for friends and family.
Science – Children will explore their fingerprints and their friend’s fingerprints with magnifying glasses.

Home to School Connection

Universal Handwriting book:
Monday Page 5 
Tuesday Page 6  
Wednesday Page 7  
Thursday  Page 8  
Friday - Have a great weekend!

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